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SCUBA Certification Program Located in Waco Texas

Our scuba program is taught by Dr. Hugh H. Riley. Dr. Riley is a retired officer from the United States Air Force (Rank: Major) and he holds several undergraduate degrees in different subject areas from several different universities. He also holds a Master’s and Doctorate degree in Neuroscience from Baylor University. Currently, he teaches psychology and neuroscience courses at Baylor University; he is married to Dr. Karen A. Jahnke, MD (pediatrics); he has certified over 12,000 scuba students; and he has taught all levels of scuba diving for more than 42 years.

Dr. Riley is a certified scuba instructor in virtually every area of diving and also for multiple scuba certifying agencies. In all his years of experience none of his students have ever experienced an accident or injury during the certification process. We challenge you to find a comparable level of Dr. Riley’s experience, expertise, and safety record anywhere.

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Hugh Riley

Dr. Hugh H. Riley
Certified Scuba Instructor

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